Best headphones Under 500 Rs For You

Best headphones under 500 Rs: Hii guys, today we are going to list out some headphones that are very best at the price of 500 Rs or below that. As you all know that everyone is not capable of buying expensive headphones and trying them. And then they google “Best headphones under 500 ” and after that search, you have reached this article, So Now Don’t worry. Sit relaxed because we are going to list out these best headphones at a reasonable price. These are not best of all but definitely, I can say that these are best at that Price.

Best Headphones Under 500 Rs


We all love to listen to music, and with Headphones, It becomes very interesting and amazing to listen to music. At least, everyone loves to listen to music, you and me OR anyone. So, let’s list out these headphones without further delay…

Top Headphones Under Rs 500

1. Philips SHP1900/97 Over-Ear Stereo Headphones (Black)

best headphones under 500

If you are going to buy a headphone at less rate with more and more specification then It can be the best choice for you. It is the best headphone at this price and I also totally recommend you to buy this as my own experience. I have bought it when I have no money, I am very passionate about music from starting, So I buy that Headphone because of the lack of money. And I think that it was the best choice at that time at that price.

Let me take you to the specifications of these Headphones-

  • The best think about this headphone is that It is very lightweight. If you hold it in your hand then you will hardly feel it. It is the best think about this headphone 🙂
  • Let’s think that you are listening to music and you feel something noisy in your heads, It totally spoil the whole feel of the music, And this headphone has full sized ear shells that block the external noise and keep your mood alive.
  • This headphone has 98dB sensitivity/32ohm impedance. It is also a good thing about that.
  • It has 500mW maximum power input and 20-20,000 Hz Frequency Range.

Note- It is a wired Headphone.

Best headphones under 500 Rs

2.Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones (White)


It can be the best choice for you if you are a Sony lover. This headphone has the best specifications at the price it is provided. It comes with a 1-year warranty. It can be your first headphone if you believe in brands and your budget is tight. I personally use this and the above headphone, So I can prefer you to buy these headphones. I am not saying that these are the best but atleast at this price, These are amzing.

Let me take you to some specifications of this headphone and tells you why his headphone comes in our listing–

  • The best thing about that headphone is that it has a 30mm dynamic driver unit that enhances the quality of the sound and makes the sound clear.
  • If we talk about its physical appearance then It gives you a premium look. It is slim, less-weighted and has the folding design for easy portability.
  • This product has Pressure relieving earpads that helps to fell you comfortable with these headphones.
  • It comes with the 1-year warranty.
  • And the last thing is that I have personally used that So, I will give it 4 out of 5 ratings at this price. My experience with this headphone is amazing.

You can go for it If you want to buy your first headphone and your budget is tight. But if you have money then there are already lots of expensive headphones, you can also go for them. They are best, But these are for the peoples who can’t afford the expensive ones.

It is a wired headphone.

Best headphones under 500 RS

3.SH-12 wireless/ Bluetooth Headphone With FM and SD Card Slot with music and calling controls (Red)


It also can be the best choice for you to buy. It is a wireless headphone that makes you feel more comfortable than wired headphones. If you are thinking to buy a wireless headphone that can come in your budget then I can say that It fulfill your all desires. The all the headphones, I am listing here are the best smartphone at the low budget and you will not believe, I have taken 1 whole day to list out them.

Lets me take you to the specifications of this Headphone and tells you that why this headphone comes in our listing-

  • The first and the best thing about this headphone is that It is wireless or Bluetooth headphone that comes with red color which gives you the premium look.
  • It is a light-weight headphone with the folding capability.
  • This product has pressure relieving earpads thatmake you feel comforatble while listening to music.

It is a wireless headphone,

Best headphones under 500 Rs

4.Ubon UB-1360 On Ear Headphones With Pure Bass And Mic (White)

best headphones under 500 rs

If you can’t afford the high priced headphones and want to buy a headphone under 300 Rs the It is the best headphone for you. It is a wired headphone that comes with a very cheap price and has the branding of UBON. The cost of this headphone is 288 Rs on Amazon, you can buy it from the offline stores or online websites.

Let us talk about the specifications of this headphone that makes it Best-Cheap headphone-

  • It has the common headphone jack of 3.5mm. You can connect it to your smartphone.
  • It has the seperate connector for the wires. You can easily remove the wires while you are not using this headphone.
  • This headphone comes in two color-varient that is black and white which keep your premium look alive.
  • It has a powerful bass with a high and clear sound.
  • Its earpads are very smooth and comfortable that make you feel comfortable while you are using them.
  • The last and the only thing, I want to say about this headphone is that It is the best headphone at the price it is mentioned.

It is a wired Headphone.

Best headphones under 500 Rs.

5.Ubon UB-1370 On Ear Headphones with ubon pure bass and mic – Black

best headphones under 500 rs

It is another headphone of UBON which has more specification with more price. With more price, It doesn’t mean that it is expensive, It is only 400 Rs. I fyou are not satisfied with the above headphone and wants some adds to that then It is the best headphone for you and I promised you that after using this headphone, you will surely love it.

Let us talk about the specifications of this headphone that makes It best At that price-

  • It has a great sensitivity response with high rated power and it comes in the premium color of black that makes it look stylish and premium.
  • It also has a mic and the sound quality of this headphone is also very good.
  • It is slim designed for easy portability.
  • This headphone has comfort giving earpads which are smooth and make you feel comfortable.
  • It comes with the common 3.5mm headphone jack.
Beat headphones under 500 Rs

It is a wired headphone.

Best headphones under 500 Rs: I hope that your search for “Best headphones under 500 Rs” has been ended now and you have decided that which headphones are best for you under your desired and budget. If this article helps you in any form then you can share this article with your friend and help them also in choosing their headphones by Social sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will help us a lot. If you enjoyed reading this article then you can also like it. And now I will meet you with another interesting topic till then enjoy.

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