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Best programming language for website development: Hii Craziers, I am very excited today for giving you the knowledge about my favourite field called Programming. I am working with the codes when I was in Class 6. The first language that I start to learn was Qbasic(Quick Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) which was developed by Microsoft. It was my first experience and It was amazing. I feel that I am talking to my computer and giving him commands.

Le’s come to our main topic of today that is Best programming language for website development. So, if you are going to learn website designing and website development then It is necessary for you to learn the codes.

Mainly there are two types of High-level languages – Markup languages and Programming languages.

Markup languages are the languages that are used on the browsers to give the specific result while the programming languages are run on the system or computer as a software. I hope that It is clear for you, if not then you can search various articles on google related to this.

best programming language for website development

Best Programming language for Website Development?


Let’s explore our today’s topic about Best Programming language for Website Development. Let’s start-

  1. HTML

Nowadays, most of the people thinks and says that HTML is the old-fashioned language. But I recommend you to learn the HTML language first if you are new to website development. It is the basic language for web-development. It is also very simple language, you can learn it easily if you put sufficient time for learning. When I started to learn Web-development, HTML was my first language, and I really enjoyed to learn this language. You do not want any type of environment to code in this language, you just have to code on notepad and save it and just open it with a Browser. This is the best thing that I really likes. In my opinion, HTML should be your first web-development language. HTML allows you to add javascript and CSS files to it for more designing and details to your website. After learning to HTML, you can move forward to learn other languages like CSS and javascript. It will help you to make your site Attractive and in improving its performance.

2. CSS

CSS is necessary to learn after learning to HTML. if you don’t know why then let me tell you. Actually, I think that CSS is another part of HTML because HTML is used to present the data. It is only used for the purpose of presenting data that will be without designing and attractive. CSS makes the data that you are presenting on your site Colorful and attractive. By using CSS file, you can make your site awesome. So, It is necessary to learn CSS after learning to HTML. After learning the both, HTML and CSS, You can move forward to learn Javascript that will add some more value to your site.

3. Javascript

Let me think, that you have learned the HTML and CSS completely. Now to take your web-development knowledge to the next level you have to learn some more languages that can be Swift, Ruby, Perl, C. But It is not necessary to learn them But you can learn it for more access in the web-development World. I recommend you to learn Javascript because It is a front-end language which is widely used for website development, desktop apps and games. It also supports both Object-Oriented and Functional style of Programming.

Let me share you my Opinions to you here freely- If you are going to learn web-development then make sure that you have the art of Creativity because her you have to design the Website. And make sure that you are learning each and every concept of all the programming languages that I have mentioned above.

best programming language for website development

Best Programming language for Website Development

Let’s do sort summary of the post-

  1. Firstly you have to learn the Basic language that is HTML. There are lots of websites from where you can learn HTML language for free. One of the best websites that I know is W3Schools. You can go here and start to learn to code.
  2. After learning to HTML, You have to start learning to CSS from the same website that I have mentioned above W3Schools.
  3. After learning the both HTML and CSS, you can learn Javascript for more enhancement in your web-development.

Now I’m sure that I have cleared your doubt about which programming language should you choose for the Web-development. If you have any question related to this Article then you can ask me by commenting below. You can also share this article with your friends on social media like facebook and twitter etc. So, that’s it for today, We will meet again with another interesting topic till then Bye Craziers đŸ™‚

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