How To Earn Money By Shortening Links

Best Earning method:- Hii Guys today I am going to tell you about the best earning method. This is the best earning method even in the comparison of Adsense and, Its is the best.

So Now you are thing what I going to tell you about. So here we are talking about link shortening Site. Yes, Link Shortening Sites. These sites are in very demand nowadays.

Now if you have already tried that method. Then you are thinking that they does not provide enough CPM to be called better than Adsense or Let me tell you something that you are on the right path but on the wrong place.

What are link Shortening Sites?


Have you ever shorten you links by or bitly. So, here shortening means that these sites will reduce the size of your link. These site will make it smaller. And make a system by which if anyone click on the shorten link then they will redirect to the original link.

It is good and looks neat and clean. Long links frustrates us and also blow our mind. So what do you say if someone tell you that you can also earn money by shortening sites. There is two profits:-

  • You will get the neat and clean shorten link.
  • You are also making money by that link.

It sounds awesome and you will not also rely on someone else for money. If you are a student then you can surely undertand what I am saying.

In college and school life, we have to rely on our parents or guardian for the money. But It become a problem when we need lots of money for studies. We feel like burden on our family. It is very frustrating when you belons to a middle class family like me.

So, this can help you on relying on yourself for the Money. Its only profits you if you have traffic. Now you will think that if I have not traffic then what should I do. It will be meaningless for me. So calm down, i also have a best method by which you can easily have traffic if you are on Facebook.

How to Earn from that Sites?

Here are some steps by which you can start earning from these Sites:-

  1. Make a account on the Best high CPM ).
  2. After Creating account, Short you link and start sharing. And if someone open that link and goes to the end then you can earn a good amount of that.


Best link shortening Site?

Clicksfly is the best link shortening Site I have ever used. It’s gives you the Average CPM of 5 dollar on Indian traffic. That’s the best thing about that site. It will give you best Cpm in comparison of other link shortening sites like Adsfly etc.

Join by clicking here

It’s CPM is high that’s why I am saying that It is awesome. You can directly go to this site and make your account on that Site and start earning. You will also have the same experience what I have.

Where to Get the Traffic If you don’t have Big site or YouTube Channel?

Here are fees steps by following which you can also earn via these sites even if you don’t have Big Site or YouTube Channel:-

  1. If you have GB account then go to search and start searching some big groups or the groups where lots of people’s are active. Join around 50 to 100 groups.
  2. As we all know that everyone wants to see full HD movie that release at that time.
  3. Just take the link of that site where you can get the movie.
  4. Shorten the link and share in all the groups. As much groups as you can do it 2 to 3 times a day.
  5. You will start earning around 2 to 3 dollar per day.

So thats it for now guys. I hope that you have liked this Article. It takes a lots of time and effort to write that much. At the end I want to say that nothing is Impossible. If they are earning then you also can. It is the matter of thinking or belief.

No matter at what age you are you can earn if you can. Believe. Love you guys have great future..

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