{Updated} Freelancing Jobs that are Popular in 2018

Freelancing Jobs that you can do in 2018: Hii Guys, Today I am back again with an interesting topic that is “Best freelancing Job Opportunities in 2018 “. Yes Guys, today I am going to tell you the Most demanded Freelancing Jobs right now in 2018.

Freelancing is the best career choice for the peoples who want to work from Home Online. Here, you have to do Jobs Online like web-development, Article Writing, App-Development etc.

There are lots of site on the Internet that provide you the Platform where you can interact with your Clients and have some jobs to do in return for Money. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork provides you the Best Platform. If you are going to Start freelancing then, I will Suggest you to work on a genuine Sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Best Freelancing Jobs in 2018

So, Now I am going to tell you the Most demanded freelancing jobs in 2018. If you know that how to do one of them then You can start doing that and if you don’t then Start learning and Become Expert in that Job.

You can also buy Course from Udemy if you want to learn any Jobs. But No-one want to spend money. You can read this Article to get Udemy Courses for free.

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So, Now Let’s Start…

1. Web Development & Designing 

Nowadays, Site Development is Becoming Very Popular. There are lots of people who are Starting their own Startup. And for that, they absolutely want a website for them. And you can do it for them If you know that how to Code or Web-Design.

For that, you only need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You also need to have Experienced in this Field. If you can do it then I recommend you to go for it Because It is the Most demanded Jobs right Now.

2. Online Teaching & Tutoring

Now, If you are a Teacher or you know the thing that you want to teach to the Peoples then You can also do this. You can teach student Online through Skype etc.

You can teach anything like Programming, Web-designing or SEO etc anything you have knowledge about.

You can also do this Job with another Jobs. For Example, If you know that How to Do Webs Development then You can do Web-development as well as teach Student that how they can also do the Webs Development.

3. Article Writing

Article Writing, this also a Job that you can do If you are Interested in Writing. This Job is also Costly.

Skill You Need: You need to have Writing Skill that How you can present a topic and How you can explain that topic Clearly. Also, you need to have Good Grammer if You are going write Articles in English.

4. Creative Design

Creative Design includes the Work related to Designing like Logo making, presenting Data etc.

For this, You need to have Good Designing Skills. You also need to have experience with Adobe Photoshop and Powerpoint etc. Creative Design is not Easy But If you want to do this then Just go for it.

5. Sales & Marketing

So, If you don’t know that How you can do Sales & Marketing. Let me tell you that You can do marketing of the Product that your Client give you do marketing through Facebook Ads or Adwords. You can only do this if you have a Good knowledge of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is also a best job that You can Do. Here, you just have to promote the Product and if the User Buy that product then you will get Commission from Amount that Users pays. You can earn a lots of Money from Affiliate Marketing if you do marketing of the product Properly.

6. Android App Development

App Development is one of the best High Paying Freelancing Job. Here you will get around 200$ for a simple Android app development Projects. The Maximum pay depends upon the type of app the Clients want. You can get Idea of the Price of the App development from the Fiverr.

You can also make your own app and place Admob ads in it and Can publish it on Playstore. You can generate a good amount if your app is really well-designed and Addictive.

7. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

If you know that How to do SEO or rank a site on a Particular keyword then It will be the Right Job that You can do. There are lots of Companies in the Market who wants to rank on a particular keyword on Google. And they are ready to offer the High Amount If anyone can rank their Website on a particular Keywords.

If you already have a Website then You know that How you can do this. But It is not Easy. If you are sure that you ca do this then Go for it. You can also rank your own site on the targeted keyword and generates more revenue through Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing etc.

8. Game Development

Game Development is Quite Similar to App Development. Here also you have to do Coding and Design your Game Characters. But It is more Comlicated than App Development. It is also more costly and high Paying then App Development.

Skill you need: You need to have Great Skills in Creative Design for Designing your Character. You need to have Good Coding skills and Better presenting Power.


Conclusion: So, guys these are Some Freelancing jobs that are popular Right Now. You can generate good revenue if you do any one of them.

Freelancing is the Best Option if you want to do work From Home Online. Actually, there are lots of people who are doing Online Jobs and also earning a good amount.

You can alsoread this article for More Ideas that How you can Ean Money Online In a genuine way.

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I hope that You like this Article and also Understand that which Jobs are Good for you to do in 2018. If you like this Article then Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Social Sites like Facebook, twitter or Instagram.

That’s all for this time. I will meet you again with an another Interesting topic till then Bye and take Care…

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