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Rank a site on Google Fastly: Hii Crazians, today I am going to tell you some of the best tips that will help your new site to rank fastly on Google. These are some tips and tricks that I have found and noticed in my whole Blogging Career. I am sure that if you apply these tips on your Blog then you can also Boost your traffic by 50 %. You can also use these tips on the Old Blog. These are some amazing killer tips of SEO. So, lets jump right into it…..

Rank a New Website on Google Fastly


Today, I am going to give you these tips so keep reading till the end because It can be possible that you know the starting points. These are simple tips but very important to boost your traffic.

Submit Site to Google Webmaster tool 

rank a website

First step for a new site to rank on google is to Submit it on Google Webmaster tool. If you don’t know about this then let me tell you that Google Webmaster tool is a product of Google where you can submit your new site to give Google, the knowledge about existence of your site.

Here you can also check your sites analytics like impressions, Click and from where the Visitors are coming on your site. This is a very amazing tool that is free of Cost. You can also read more about this tool on this site.

Decreasing CTR


CTR is Click through Rate. It is the rate of Clicks on your site on the total impressions to your site. Google is a very Big Company, So you can think by your own that Google wants to give best search result to his users. If lots of peoples are clicking on the second search result on a particular search then Google will rank the second result to the first position.

So, make your titles and description attractive to gain more users to your site. This will increase you CTR and also help in boosting your traffic.

KeyWord Reasearching

rank a website

Before writing an article or post, you have to give some time on finding that ‘How many peoples are searching this topic’ on which you are going to write an article’. This will help you to find the exact keyword that searched more.

If you find the best keyword with lots of searches but less competition then you can easily rank on it with the help of Backlinks and On-page SEO. Keyword Researching is the main part of ranking a site on Google Fast.

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what is seo and how it works

To rank your site fast on Google you have to optimize your site’s speed and have to do SEO oon it. If you don’t know more about SEO then you can read this post.

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Quality Content

The main thing that you have to do to make the user stay on your site is Good Content. If the Visitors do not stay on your site then Google thinks that this site is not Qualitative then they will automatically increase your site’s ranking.

So, the thing which is main is Quality Content. You have to make your articles or posts Qualitative, not Quantitative.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Article and you have also learn that how you can rank your site fastly on Google. There are not shortcuts, you have to do some hard and smart work, Only then your site will rank.



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